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About the Foundation

The Lowcountry Housing and Economic Development Foundation was founded in 1997 as the Charleston County Housing Foundation under the leadership of a 9 member board of directors. The organization is a South Carolina Deparrtment of Commerce-certified Community Development Corporation (CDC), Community Designated Housing Organization (CHDO), and 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization.

Our mission is to "provide housing and economic development opportunities for the low to moderate-income families of Coastal South Carolina." We help the people of the lowcountry to improve their lot in life through economic development, home ownership, owner-occupied home rehabilitation, job preparation and any other means available to us.

In these tough economic times we try and assist our families by any means available; federal and state grants, local programs, educational assists or entrepreneurial efforts for the improvement of housing facilities, housing quality of life and economic well being of the people of the coastal South Carolina to:

  • Benefit, augment and enhance the functions of or carry out the purposes of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Charleston County
  • Perform contractual services in the field of housing management, housing maintenance, and housing administration for other agencies
  • Create a clearing house on housing programs for local families and obtain and distribute reliable information on the same
  • Provide referrals and research information on housing opportunities and financing
  • Offer space and support for area agencies to distribute information and/or services so that the same will be readily and conveniently available


Montez C. Martin, Jr.


Evelyn DeLaine Hart, Chairperson

Zephyr Chmura

Rosetta Givens-Mitchell

Jermaine Husser

Ada Kelly

Robert Marion Lee

Rodly Millet

William Dudley Gregorie

Georgia Kelly

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